2016 BMW X1 Changes, Specs

The smallest of the models BMW X-series - 2016 BMW X1 has become incredibly popular among the elite class of people residing in North America and Europe. The model shares its platform with the BMW X3 from its predecessor, the uses generally found in the cars BMW 3 Series an "E91 platform". The BMW X1 car line-up was released in 2009; however, it should be noted that the concept version was introduced quite early in the 2008 Motor Show in Paris. However, one should take note that the model in size relatively small and relatively cheaper than the BMW X3.

2016 BMW X1 - Exterior and interior

2016 BMW X1 has the following exterior design updates: It has a distinctive new kidney grille, which is relatively broad compared to their predecessors. The model is also provided with a new set of LED lamps are available as well as a redesigned front & rear bumper. One should also note that It provides the vehicle an overall aggressive appearance. Moreover, it has a smooth rear lights, in addition to a redesigned rear bumper and newly installed quarter-end window. The model is with its brand fender, but has now been extended to fit his cock design. 2016 BMW X1 has a renovated interior, the Active Tourer model from BMW 2-Series is inspired by the. It should be noted that its interior is very well suited for a sports car with unrivaled comfort and luxury. It also technologies and devices equipped with a newly designed instrument panel with the latest technology. Characteristic rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive system of the model offers more space in addition increased legroom, headroom and shoulder along with a better steering mechanism.

2016 BMW X1 - Engine and performance

2016 BMW X1 has a highly updated engine configuration that has multiple sets of engine combinations. These include a primary 1.5L, inline 3-cylinder unit in addition to a secondary 2.0L, inline 4-cylinder and a 3.0L tertiary, inline 6-cylinder engine. It should be noted that the model marketed exclusively as a rear wheel drive car, but an optional all-wheel drive platform is also be available. Its new power transmission consists of an automatic ZF 8-speed system in addition to a manual 6-speed transmission in the current generation BMW X1 model. After company executives, an electric hybrid engine configuration will be introduced alongside other engines.

2016 BMW X1 - Release Date and Price

Main competitors of 2,016 BMW X1 offers premium executive car and other luxury SUV models like Lexus NX, Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class and Audi Q3, etc. The price range is roughly estimated to go from $ 30,000 to $ 31,200 with major sales start coming in Production expected year. The car seems to be a cheap line-up of generally prosperous BMW; one should bear in mind that by making an affordable product, the company intends to increase its profits and revenues, however.


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